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I love the whole concept of the box and the choice of each product!  Also, product quality is amazing and the mission of empowering artisans makes it a win-win -- plus each product is easily re-giftable. Such a great deal!

Susan in Glendale, CA

I am totally blown away by this gift. Everything arrived exquisitely wrapped – made me feel so loved! It was a delight to open each of the treasures inside. I’m impressed with the great care and workmanship that went into each creation, including all the extra details. I’m already anticipating next season’s Box – can’t wait to find out what’s inside. Such a beautiful, unforgettable gift to receive.

Catherine in Santa Barbara, CA

I am SO IN LOVE with this subscription service that I am HOOKED! This will certainly be a box I look forward to, not just for myself, but as a source of gifts for friends and family.

Gingi Freeman, Domestic Geek Girl

I adore every one [Undiscovered Box]. It’s such a good feeling supporting these talented artisans too. The workmanship is like nothing you’ll find in stores.

Carolann Iadarola, Sassy Townhouse Living

I was stunned by how lovely every gift in the box was.

Morayma Makay, Adulthood Rewired

This is such a different yet indulging experience!

Jaime Marty, Famadillo

If you’ve missed traveling to international destinations for the past couple of years, especially the part where you discover and bring home authentic gems and souvenirs, then this is the subscription box for you.

Johanna Kerby, Little Pink Top

Two thumbs up. This is a gem you won’t want to miss… each box offers a unique exploration of a new region led by an Artisan Guide who in turn offers insider tips, behind-the-scenes stories and special recipes from the undiscovered.

Renee Blodgett, WBTW Transformative Travel

For the person who likes to travel… There’s a big difference between traveling and vacationing, IMHO. Vacationing is sitting on the beach and never leaving the resort, while traveling is having a tight itinerary filled with exploring and learning more about wherever you’ve landed. If they’re into the latter, an Undiscovered Artisan Box will help them learn about new cultures from the comfort of their own home.

Jenna Milliner-Waddell, New York magazine

Subscription boxes are always fun and there is a new one that is great for those of us who have wanderlust in our hearts. Novica Undiscovered… a wonderful way to discover new things…. It arrives gift wrapped for a wonderful first impression and everything inside was lovely.

Valerie Mitchell, Mama Likes This

I loved how thoughtful this box was. It’s fully customizable so you can pick all 5 items you want or have them choose for you. This subscription box would be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else!

Laura Bambrick, I Do Declaire

I was very excited to receive my Undiscovered Mexica Box…. You all should have seen [my daughter’s] reaction. It’s like Christmas came early for her. I loved everything about my items. It’s unique, and you can tell the thing has been carefully crafted.

Sonia Seivwright, Life With Sonia

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of packing your bags and setting off on a new adventure, right? What if you could travel to undiscovered places and explore… see and learn about arts that have been passed down for generations? The Novica Undiscovered Box does just that!

Andi Fisher, MisAdventures with Andi

What a wonderful box.

Jackie Russell, MissJackieRussell

I absolutely love NOVICA and their amazing artisan products that bring the world to your doorstep.

Melissa Cushing, Deliciously Savvy

As someone who loves to travel, I always try to support local artisans at the places I visit. There are many destinations I have yet to cross off of my bucket list though, which is why I love the concept behind NOVICA’s Undiscovered Box…. The best ethical subscription box out there, and every purchase helps local communities too… a win-win.

Krista Plociennik, Krista The Explorer

This box makes the perfect gift for anyone in your circle or on any holiday. I love keeping unique pieces for birthdays and “just because” gifts. I love the wooden spoon set, and the journal helps inspire my daily writing. The earrings are stunning, and I love wearing them with any outfit.

Carolann Iadarola, Sassy Townhouse Living

Your senses can get a jolt when you open Novica’s Undiscovered Artisan Box. The tastefully wrapped gift box available by subscription has an assortment of locally-made indigenous handcrafts that have been mindfully selected to help showcase different regions from around the world.

Cynthia David, Dreamscapes magazine

A treasure trove. Undiscovered Box recipients will be filled with a sense of awe and discovery… I love that NOVICA rejects mega factories producing cookie–cutter products and supports artisans who make unique products by hand that represent their nation.

Debbie Savage, To Thine Own Style Be True

NOVICA’S Undiscovered Artisan Box is the ultimate artisan subscription box that is perfect for anyone and everyone on your gift giving list.

Deliciously Savvy

This is such a different yet indulgent experience! This is a vacation abroad in a box.

Jaime Marty, Famadillo

Two thumbs up.

Renee Blodgett, We Blog the World

I am SO IN LOVE with this subscription service that I am HOOKED! This will certainly be a box I look forward to, not just for myself, but as a source of gifts for friends and family. I am just FLOORED. The box arrived in a delightfully gift-wrapped package that got my entire family perked up to see what was inside. The box was thoughtfully and elegantly packed, and each individual item was divided up in such a way as to make each piece a surprise and a joy to discover. My husband and kiddos gathered around the coffee table as I unpacked each item, and as one surprise would be gently unwrapped, we would read about the artist, learn about the culture and really savor the experience before moving on to the next item. It was a family experience that lasted just shy of an hour… just to unpack the box!

Sara Lynn Cauchon, Domestic Geek Girl

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